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Working in Roima is a unique experience. At Roima, we help our employees realize their true potential through constant learning, nurturing, training, and allowing them to express their creativity. The four guiding principles for success in Roima Intelligence are winning collaboration, accountability, customer success, and passion for products.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to become the best supply chain solution provider. We seek new talent for custom software development and project management positions to sustain our rapid growth and expansion efforts. Presently, we have hundreds of experts serving over 500 companies globally.

Challenging projects, innovative technology, and a fleet of industry experts provide the perfect environment for budding talent to sharpen their skills and reach their true potential.

We develop long-term, value-adding partnerships with our clients. Our workplace comprises top professionals who communicate and cooperate seamlessly to achieve outstanding results. A flexible remote work policy and a flourishing company culture allow employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance wherever they are located.

Our professionals follow a detailed plan to execute planning, production, and logistics operations plans. Besides machine and equipment manufacturers, our clients include logistics and supply chain-related companies.

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At Roima, we challenge ourselves continuously to increase productivity and profitability for our client's operations. Whether car production, wind power plants, X-ray machines, F&B, healthcare, or other companies, we lay the perfect roadmap for production efficiency and quality control. The secret to our success lies in our innovative approach and a dedicated team that stands by our side. Learn more about our employee experiences, happenings, get-togethers, and rewarding workshops with our customers.