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Connect people, workflows, and data seamlessly with robust solutions for PLM

Plan, manage, and control product journeys with intelligence

Roima Intelligence’s product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions integrate people, processes, and data for seamless collaboration. Automate workflows, enhance communication and access insights through tailored dashboards to elevate your product development with centralized efficiency.



Enhanced collaboration

PLM's central network boosts teamwork, cuts errors, and speeds product development

Version control

Manage document versions, track product changes, and reduce confusion with PLM

Efficient workflows

Automate tasks, approvals, alerts and reduce lead times for greater efficiency with PLM

Cost savings

PLM reduces rework, optimizes resource use, detects errors quickly and cuts costs

Regulatory compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance with proper documentation and traceability via PLM

Innovation acceleration

Use historical data for new product launch and, informed decision-making with PLM

Global accessibility

Share product data with remote teams and partners for seamless and connected development

Lifecycle transparency

Manage risks, plan wisely, and improve constantly with PLM's holistic product lifecycle view

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Streamlined product lifecycle management with real-time data, collaboration tools, and integration capabilities for efficient, quality product development.


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