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Serve the B2B market with customized strategies and cloud/SaaS solutions.

Elevate your ecommerce game with an extensive and integrated B2B solution

The key to ecommerce success lies in choosing the right solution, adopting the latest trends, and rethinking your strategies to sustain stiff competition. Benefit from Roima’s rich experience, seasoned industry experts, and technical knowledge to navigate the tricky ecommerce waters.

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Streamlined ordering

Streamline B2B ecommerce for better transactions: Cut errors, delays, simplify orders

Enhanced efficiency

Smooth B2B ecommerce for savings and efficiency: Automate orders, inventory, payments

Global reach

B2B ecommerce is the key to market expansion, new partnerships, and fresh revenue streams

Data insights

Get analytical insights from B2B ecommerce for refined marketing and decision-making

Personalized experiences

Custom B2B ecommerce through tailored pricing recommendations based on customer history

24/7 accessibility

B2B platforms offer 24/7 access to place orders and accommodate customer schedules

Reduced costs

Automate paperwork and order processing tasks while cutting costs with B2B ecommerce

Customer relationships

B2B platforms cement customer ties via portals for order tracking and account management

Products and solutions

Parttrap® ONE

ERP-integrated B2B ecommerce & PIM platform with CPQ and Spare Parts Management for manufacturers and distributors that want to build Customer self-service portals.

PIM Product Information Management

A powerful PIM system where you may link, enrich and distribute ALL of your product information.

B2B ecommerce features

Powerful features for your customers and staff 24/7

CMS Content Management System

Create modern B2B ecommerce sites and personalized content without any need for programming skills

Real-time ERP-integration

A two-way interaction with your back-end ERP-system is vital for any professional B2B ecommerce solution


Streamlined product lifecycle management with real-time data, collaboration tools, and integration capabilities for efficient, quality product development.

Transform your B2B ecommerce with 3D

Discover the future of B2B ecommerce through Parttrap® ONE's 3D technology. Elevate your platform with features like Spare Parts Management, CPQ solutions, and interactive virtual showrooms in 3D

Explore the 3D capabilities


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