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Optimize operations for enhanced speed, efficiency, and environmental responsibility

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Speed, efficiency, profitability, and sustainability are the cornerstones of metal and mining operations. From exploration, unearthing, mine cost analysis, and forecasting to supply chain management, Rolima Intelligence gives you a comprehensive view of these activities and the tools to manage them, resulting in seamless production.



Production optimization

Roima’s software boosts production with real-time insights, improving scheduling and decisions.

Quality control and traceability

Ensuring quality and compliance, our tools monitor production parameters, enabling traceability.

Inventory and supply chain management

Efficiently manage materials, components, and products for reduced waste and better turnover.

Data analytics and process insights

Our solutions analyze data for trends, process optimization, and informed decisions.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Our software promotes energy efficiency, saves costs, and supports sustainability.

Maintenance and reliability

Predictive maintenance tools prevent costly breakdowns, improving reliability.

Regulatory compliance and reporting

Our solutions ensure compliance with standards and regulations, with reporting.

Operational streamlining

Streamlining, identifying bottlenecks, and improving enhanced production efficiency.

Products and solutions

AI and Machine Vision

AI and Machine Vision revolutionize production and decision-making, automating tasks, reducing errors, and offering insights for improved business performance.


Roima is an endorsed AVEVA system integrator, providing expertise and quality control for AVEVA industrial software.

Delmia Quintiq

Delmia Quintiq is a supply chain planning and optimization tool. Roima integrates it into manufacturing and logistics systems for enhanced supply chain management.

FidaWare WMS

Powerful SaaS tool for efficient intralogistics and warehouse operations


Efficient warehouse management and automation control in the same software.


A complete Integrated Business Planning package designed to help you navigate rapid changes in your business and profitably manage your supply chain

Roima APS

Optimize manufacturing with real-time monitoring, demand forecasting, and efficient resource allocation for leaner production and improved supply chain coordination.


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