MOM and MES solutions

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Adapt to dynamic production schedules, markets, and equipment glitches for seamless factory operations.

Kickstart your digital transformation to achieve optimal process management and compliance

Companies need to evolve constantly, improving their products and services to stay competitive in the industry. MOM deals with managing manufacturing operations, while MES is about executing manufacturing operations. Roima has customized solutions like Lean System and AVEVA MES to execute your manufacturing and digitalization strategies for greater efficiency and transparency.



Operational efficiency

Optimize production, boost productivity and reduce waste with MOM and MES

Visibility and traceability

MOM and MES enables live production monitoring plus compliance via traceability feature

Quality control

Use live data to spot deviations, ensure uniform quality, avert defects, and cut paperwork

Data-driven decisions

Leverage MOM and MES to get data for process analysis and make well-informed decisions

Resource optimization

Allocate material, machine, labor, minimize waste, and increase output with MOM and MES

Real-time alerts

MOM and MES alerts identify issues, prompt responses, and reduce production disruptions

Forecasting accuracy

MOM and MES data predict demand, improve inventory management, and ensure fast deliveries

Collaboration enhancement

Foster cross-department teamwork and align manufacturing activities with MOM and MES

Products and solutions


Roima is an endorsed AVEVA system integrator, providing expertise and quality control for AVEVA industrial software.

Lean System

Modular ERP enhances industrial efficiency with real-time data, agile planning, and cloud/on-premises deployment.


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