Our way of working

The Roima Way

The Roima way!

Roima’s operations are accordant with an organization-wide management model called Roima Way that ensures the successful execution of our strategies and goals.

We also abide by our principles called the Roima Code of Conduct. It addresses our values, compliance with rules and regulations, work environment (including health, safety, equality, diversity and inclusion, zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment), sustainability, and ethical business conduct and information handling.

Environment and Sustainability

At Roima, we understand our obligations (economic, environmental, and social) while conducting operations. We are committed to incorporating sustainability practices in our daily operations.

Our management formed the internal ESG (environmental, social, and governance) working group to coordinate ESG efforts across the company while incorporating Roima’s values. Simultaneously, it also evaluates how we view and fulfill our corporate responsibilities.

Our employees make it a point to be mindful of the environment while performing their duties. Our sustainability efforts (including our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our operations) include using energy-efficient solutions, encouraging remote meetings, and using hybrid/electric vehicles for commuting.

Furthermore, we also focus on helping our clients increase their yield and reduce wastage in their core processes through digitalization and automation.

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Roima Code of Conduct

Roima’s Code of Conduct explains how we conduct our business responsibly and ethically to maintain and cultivate customer trust. It also establishes clear guidelines to facilitate effective decision-making for our clients across multiple countries.

What conduct does Roima expect from its employees? What behavior do we not tolerate? The Code of Conduct has relevant information regarding the above. We expect our employees to adhere to the guidelines stated in the Code of Conduct while being loyal, truthful, and ethical.

1. Our Values

The Roima values at the heart of this Code of Conduct are:

  • Customer Success: We at Roima, as a company and as individuals, do our utmost best to let our customers reap the benefits of their digital transformation journey. Roima Intelligence empowers people to reach the optimal and sustainable outcome for business, society, and the environment through digitalization and artificial intelligence in manufacturing and logistics. For us, that is True Intelligence.
  • Winning Collaboration: This Code of Conduct applies to each of us here at Roima and reaches beyond us with the business partners we have and choose to have. It is also the basis of creating a good working environment for everyone working for Roima.
  • Accountability: All employees of Roima should read, understand and comply with the policies defined below. This Code of Conduct applies throughout Roima, including all subsidiaries, branches and other entities where Roima exercises management control.
  • Passion for Products: We develop our products in close co-operation with our customers and partners. A great product makes our customers more competitive, not just today but over the long term.

1.1 Compliance with Laws and Rules of Society

Roima is committed to full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. This Code of Conduct does not substitute or override local laws and regulations. It is a collection of supplementary principles and standards of behavior of a non-legal character. Roima appreciates prevailing cultural norms and practices in each country in which it conducts business. However, if such cultural norms and practices conflict with the spirit of this document, employees should comply with this Code of Conduct. If in doubt, employees should seek further guidance from their supervisor or Roima HR.

2. Work Environment

Roima seeks to create and maintain an environment in which each employee is valued as an individual and can work to his or her full potential.

Roima respects human rights as set forth in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Within the context of its activities, Roima respects the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Especially where such rights are restricted by local law, Roima encourages employees to engage in dialogue with management and report any grievances.

Health and Safety

Every Roima employee has the right to a safe and healthy working environment. All Roima employees are encouraged to report safety concerns affecting other Roima employees or themselves. At customer sites, it is mandatory to follow the health and safety instructions in place and to use the safety equipment provided. Should these be lacking, it is required that this is brought to the attention of your supervisor or occupational health and safety manager before proceeding with any work.


All Roima personnel shall be treated in a fair and equal manner by management as well as by fellow employees. Roima is committed to a policy of equal opportunity that prohibits discrimination of any type. Diversity is promoted and valued. All decisions regarding an individual employee shall be based on merit, e.g., abilities, competence, skills, and accomplishments. In making such decisions, no consideration shall be given to the employee’s gender, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, political opinion, or national or ethnic origin, or other similar characteristics.

Diversity and Inclusion

Roima views diversity as an asset. Employees must conduct their business activities with co-workers, customers, stakeholders, and business partners with respect for all people without regard to differences or similarities.

Freedom from Inappropriate Behavior and Sexual Harassment

At Roima, we insist that each employee has the right to be free from violations of personal integrity. Any type of harassment, regardless of intent, direct or indirect, physical or verbal, is prohibited. Offensive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The above is particularly applicable to sexual harassment by any parties, including superiors, fellow employees, customers, or suppliers – it will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Sexual harassment may appear in the form of unwanted sexual behavior or sexual comments during or after working hours.

Roima has an anti-bullying and anti-harassment policy in place, which describes in more detail what to do if a Roima employee encounters this kind of unwanted behavior. Employees are encouraged to get in contact with Roima HR if they witness or are victims of inappropriate conduct.

3. Environment and Sustainability

Roima takes seriously its responsibility for the economic, environmental, and social impacts of its operations. Roima employees have a responsibility to consider the impact on the environment in everything they do. Every Roima employee must actively seek ways to work in a way that either prevents or reduces the negative environmental impact of business operations. We strive to make our biggest environmental impact by increasing yield and reducing waste in our customers’ core processes through digitalization and automation.

4. Ethical Business Conduct

Improper Payments or Benefits

Roima has zero tolerance for corruption, whether in the public or private sector. No direct or indirect bribe, gift, favor or payment shall be made to or for the benefit of any third party (including any governmental representative or employee, labor union, current or prospective customer or supplier or their representatives or employees) for the purpose of improperly obtaining a benefit of any kind. Nor shall any Roima employee accept improper payments, gifts, favors or benefits from any source whether directly or indirectly.

Business Gifts and Corporate Hospitality

Reasonable business-related entertainment and other corporate hospitality are acceptable when customary. Such entertainment includes, for example, receptions or social events that are attended in Roima’s interest. A Roima employee may thus accept occasional appropriate business meals from a supplier, service provider, or entity seeking to do business with Roima. When entertaining our customers, a Roima representative must always be present.


Company funds and property must always be used in a responsible manner and for the intended and legitimate purposes. Any information given to Roima when requesting reimbursement or cost compensation, benefits, or approvals for using Roima property must always be accurate and reliable. Any kind of theft, fraud, embezzlement, or other misuse of Roima property is prohibited.

5. Handling of Information

Information Security and Intellectual Property Rights

Roima recognizes information to be a valuable corporate asset. Roima safeguards the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its proprietary information. All Roima employees are responsible for the proper protection of Roima’s assets, including intellectual property and confidential information. Such information shall be managed, used, disclosed, and distributed in accordance with applicable Roima policies. It is the duty of each employee to make sure their behavior is in line with these policies. Roima employees shall respect the intellectual property rights and non-public information of others and manage such information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as well as contractual requirements.

Data Protection

Roima is committed to protecting personal data. Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable person. Any processing of employee, customer, supplier, or other personal data at Roima must be lawful, fair, and transparent in relation to the individuals concerned. Furthermore, personal data must be processed in accordance with the relevant Roima policies, guidelines, and legislation.

6. Questions and Advice

Any employee with a compliance concern or a question about this Code of Conduct is encouraged to talk to his/her supervisor, local management, or Roima HR.