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Improve decision-making and transportation efficiency with flexible and scalable end-to-end logistics management strategies.

Break barriers and unlock new levels of logistical excellence

Today’s logistics challenges demand innovative solutions. Roima Intelligence’s logistics and 3PL solutions include using customized strategies and innovative technologies such as AI and ML. Benefit from our modular implementation of tools and frameworks to suit your business needs.



Efficiency and accuracy

Automate order processing and inventory management with custom logistics software

Visibility and tracking

Make wise decisions and rectify errors quickly with real-time logistics tracking

Route planning and savings

Optimizing routes via logistics considering distance, fuel, labor, and carbon costs

Data-driven insights

Use logistics software for trend analysis, spotting errors and adding strategic choices

Inventory optimization

Logistics solution provides inventory insights about demand, lead times, stock levels

Compliance and documentation

Automate compliance, manage docs, cut errors, refine paperwork with logistics software

Collaboration and communication

Enable teamwork, stakeholder synergy, and smooth data sharing via logistics software

Performance analytics

Assess KPIs, pinpoint errors, and boost efficiency via logistics software analytics

Products and solutions


Efficient warehouse management and automation control in the same software.

FidaWare WMS

Powerful SaaS tool for efficient intralogistics and warehouse operations


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