Ramp up your ROI

Boost your business growth with ROIWalk, Roima Intelligence’s expert consultancy. Discover how to maximize ROI, make wise decisions, and drive success.

ROIWalk is your partner in optimizing your operations. Our 5-step approach tailors solutions to your industry and goals.


Our 5-step approach delivers:

  1. Kick-off: Define objectives and scope.
  2. Workshop(s): Assess operations thoroughly.
  3. Feedback: Discuss observations and next steps.
  4. Report: Receive an actionable plan.
  5. Debriefing: Implement recommendations.


Benefits of ROIWalk for your business

When you partner with ROIWalk, you’ll experience tangible benefits that drive your business forward:

  • Greater profitability: Maximize your ROI and bottom-line results.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Deliver outstanding experiences to your customers.
  • Increased job satisfaction: Empower your employees with more efficient processes.


Key elements of ROIWalk focus on 6 critical areas:

  1. Production Planning: Enhance efficiency and on-time delivery.
  2. Product Management: Elevate digital services and customer experiences.
  3. Production: Streamline processes for efficiency.
  4. Warehouse: Improve intralogistics and competitiveness.
  5. Logistics: Ensure timely deliveries and cost savings.
  6. Extended Enterprise: Manage your network effectively.


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