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Elevating post and parcel excellence through digital evolution

Navigating digital disruption - expertise in post and parcel evolution

Digital disruption is the new reality where online communication has replaced physical post, and parcel volumes have grown. Roima Intelligence boasts extensive experience delivering successful projects in postal and parcel management. Fusing decades of expertise with cutting-edge technology and agile methods, Roima is your premier partner for digital transformation.



Efficient logistics planning

We offer customized software for efficient postal and parcel logistics.

Streamlined warehouse management

Our solutions optimize inventory, automation, and accurate parcel handling in warehouses.

Insightful data analytics

With our analytics, gain insights for better decisions and identify operational trends.

Automated sorting systems

Our tech automates parcel sorting, handling, reducing manual labor, boosting efficiency.

Enhanced customer experience

Boost transparency of parcels with real-time tracking and interactive interfaces.

Regulatory compliance solutions

Our tools aid postal firms in compliance with data security, privacy, and delivery standards.

Tailored integration services

Our adaptable solutions integrate with existing systems for minimal disruption.

Optimized process management

Our expertise enhances postal and parcel industry efficiency.

Products and solutions

Delmia Quintiq

Delmia Quintiq is a supply chain planning and optimization tool. Roima integrates it into manufacturing and logistics systems for enhanced supply chain management.

FidaWare WMS

Powerful SaaS tool for efficient intralogistics and warehouse operations


Efficient warehouse management and automation control in the same software.


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