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Organize scattered data from multiple sources and integrate them into a centralized platform for robust management

Eliminate confusion and mark a new beginning with crystal-clear data

Managing a product with multiple variations and hundreds of SKUs can be challenging. On top of that, importing data and assets from various sources can result in confusion and discrepancies. Product information management (PIM) solutions from Roima Intelligence facilitate the centralization and enrichment of product data and effective sharing with several sales channels.



Efficient data management

Single PIM solution for smooth product handling, storage for precise and uniform data

Enhanced customer experience

PIM optimizes product data for uniformity and accuracy to improve decision-making

Time and cost savings

Automate data workflows, cut manual tasks, errors and hasten time-to-market with PIM

Multi-channel consistency

Enable uniform product messaging and branding across platforms with our PIM solution

Cross-channel consistency

Ensure uniform product details across varied channels and touchpoints with PIM solution


Optimize product catalogs and expand market reach using PIM's robust data framework

Faster time-to-market

Streamlined PIM accelerates launches, updates, and expansions, empowering swift market response.

Improved analytics

Gain insights into product performance, customer interactions, and inventory via PIM

Products and solutions

Parttrap® ONE

ERP-integrated B2B ecommerce & PIM platform with CPQ and Spare Parts Management for manufacturers and distributors that want to build Customer self-service portals.

PIM Product Information Management

A powerful PIM system where you may link, enrich and distribute ALL of your product information.


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