Product Information Management (PIM)

Parttrap® ONE B2B ecommerce platform

Tools to tell your product story


A centralized approach to product data

Parttrap® ONE provides you with a powerful PIM system where you may link, enrich and distribute ALL of your product information.

PIM Highlights in Parttrap® ONE

  • Enrich your product data
  • Display product assortment based on user
  • Create product relations
  • Provide a powerful product search
  • Guide users step-by-step with filter panels
  • Seamless interaction with your ERP

Enrich your product data

Your customers expect updated, rich and reliable product data on your site. Parttrap® ONE lets you add texts, images, technical attributes, documents, media files and other content to simplify product selection and support the purchasing decision.

Efficient product search and filtering

Simplify product discovery on your ecommerce site with Parttrap® ONE. Utilize rich product content and attributes to enhance search and filtering. Design user-friendly filter panels that navigate customers through selections. Guide users through step-by-step processes to identify the ideal product variant quickly. Elevate user experience and boost conversions.

Product connections and relations

Create valuable product connections effortlessly. Whether bundling items into kits, suggesting accessories, or indicating spare parts compatibility, Parttrap® ONE empowers seamless relations. When the ERP system falls short, our platform offers necessary tools. Craft Virtual Products to manage versatile variants – all with built-in ease. Maximize your product synergy with Parttrap® ONE.

Tailored assortments

Adapt your product assortment to users seamlessly. Customize offerings based on markets, customers, or user types. With Parttrap® ONE, effortlessly define assortments. Site search features adjust automatically to the available offerings, catering to diverse user needs, from B2C visitors to registered B2B clients.

Leveraging ERP Data

Integrate ERP product data seamlessly. Parttrap® ONE harmonizes with your ERP, enriching CMS with structured product and business information. The Web API further facilitates external system access to the data. Elevate your site's capabilities with unified data power.


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