Parttrap® ONE add-ons

B2B ecommerce platform

Parttrap® ONE offers a range of out-of-the-box features available as Add-ons. We can also create new features based on your company’s specific needs.

Parttrap® ONE Add-ons

Spare Parts Management

Enhance Spare Part Sales with a User-Friendly Web System

Parttrap® Spare Parts Management streamlines spare parts information online, simplifying part location, price verification, and ordering. It replaces complex systems and integrates seamlessly with your ERP for real-time, accurate data.

  • User-friendly menu system guides part selection
  • Visual representation of included parts with color-coded mouse-over
  • Direct spare part addition to cart
  • ERP integration for unique pricing, stock, and delivery info

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Offer Distributor Sites within your Site

Enable distributors with "distributor sites" on your platform. Customize URL, Logo, Assortment, and End-User Prices for each distributor.

  • Empower Distributors: Provide dedicated sales platforms.
  • Custom Branding: Unique branding and URLs for each "Distributor Site."
  • Streamlined Orders: Distributors review and approve end-user orders.
  • Flexible Fulfillment: Distributors decide order fulfillment.
  • Price Management: Set end-user prices per Distributor.

Promotion and Campaign Management

Flexible Creation

Easily select products and customers, set vouchers and codes, and adjust campaign prices. Offer discounts, track transactions, and apply percentage discounts or fixed amounts to customer pricing.

  • Line or order-based discounts
  • Price adjustments without ERP changes
  • Transaction tracking
  • Vouchers, promotion codes, and open campaigns



Claims and returns

Simplify Claims and Returns

Streamline claims and returns with an online form. Customers register, and your service team manages errands via Claim Manager, updating customers through the Claims and Returns site area.

  • Register claims and returns with customizable fields
  • Implement an approval process
  • Optionally create credit orders in ERP upon completion
  • Set return charges for all return errand lines
  • Efficiently update stock code statuses in Parttrap® ONE

Download image gallery

Empower users

Allow users to download high-resolution images directly from your site. Select and tag images like product images, campaign images, logos, and marketing material. Accessible to internal, external users, or a combination with navigation options.

  • Create unlimited image tags for categorization
  • Build user-specific image gallery pages
  • Choose between web-size or original image downloads
  • Grant access to different user types (external and internal)
  • Save customer service/marketing team time



Manufacturing Item Input

Enable user input for manufactured items

Configure items to trigger a dialog box where customers provide necessary input, such as names for badges. Ensure required information, offer an organized input process, and include built-in validation logic for quantity-dependent input.

  • Ensure user provides essential manufacturing information
  • Streamlined, organized input process for users
  • Built-in validation logic for quantity-dependent input

Parttrap® PIM +

The complete PIM system with a ready-made ERP integration

Parttrap PIM+ extends our standard PIM solution, supporting product planning, assortment planning, project management, supplier instructions, BOM structures, and more. Create timelines, set up projects and tasks, and define products while maintaining them for web or e-commerce sites.

  • Agile and complete 100% web-based PIM
  • Enterprise class software with a midmarket TCO
  • Single point of product maintenance for public web site or ecommerce sites

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Parttrap API Portfolio

Ecosystem Integration

In today's digital world, platform APIs are crucial. They enable enterprises to integrate with partners, expand their presence, and accelerate time-to-market. Parttrap® ONE offers APIs for order confirmation, document upload, order creation, B2B cart integration, and a headless CMS.

  • Order Confirmation API
  • Document Upload API
  • Order Creation via API
  • B2B Cart Integration
  • Headless CMS

Order Limit and Approval Management

Controlled Freedom

Parttrap® ONE's module lets users operate within set limits, enhancing order efficiency and control. Invite customers to buy within agreed parameters. Exceeding limits can trigger denial or manager approval. Options include per-order limits or budget allocation.

  • Simplify admin with user access rights
  • Easy web-based access for end-users
  • Enforce corporate purchasing framework
  • Enhance interaction with customers' end-users



Point of Sale

Extend ERP Functionality with POS Module

Our tightly integrated POS module ensures real-time pricing and product updates. It enables retail and existing customers to make over-the-counter and customer ID-based purchases. Manage multiple payment methods like Credit Cards, Invoice, and Gift Cards. Unify your store with the ERP system for data accuracy, visibility, and control.

  • Web-based and scalable for various users and locations
  • Cost-effective maintenance as an ERP extension
  • Easily access customer orders and invoice status
  • Seamlessly integrates with your ERP system

Store Locator and Store Pickup

Let users find and select pickup stores

Offer a store locator for finding nearby physical stores. Search by zip code, city, or map. Select a store for order pickup or place an order at the store. Each store has its details, including opening hours.

  • Search and display nearby stores on the site
  • Manage store information in Parttrap® ONE
  • Designate distributors as pickup points
  • B2C customers choose stores for order pickup



Quotation & Catalog Print Management

2 Solutions in 1!

Parttrap® Quotation & Catalog Print Management efficiently handles quotation and product catalog creation for print.

  • Create brand-consistent templates for quotations and catalogs.
  • Generate a unified PDF document with cover sheets, tables of contents, logos, product info, and customer prices.
  • Create standardized product catalogs for printing by excluding prices and summaries.

Product Showroom

Enhance Your Online Product Presentation

Elevate your online product presentation with Parttrap® Showroom. It enables interactive showcases for detailed product design, features, and information. Incorporate clickable hotspots on product images to reveal pop-up details, images, videos, or business data.

  • Interactive product showcases
  • Clickable hotspots for detailed information
  • Enhanced online product presentation



Product Profiling

Personalize products with ease

Selling complex services like embroidery or engraved items can be challenging online. Parttrap Product Profiling simplifies this by enabling customers to personalize products and streamlining the approval process, seamlessly integrated with your manufacturing.

  • Enable customer orders for personalized products
  • Integration with manufacturing process
  • Eliminate manual intervention


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