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Parttrap® ONE

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Integration with Acumatica ERP

Parttrap® ONE seamlessly integrates with Acumatica ERP. Our real-time integration keeps your ecommerce site updated with the latest customer and product data, eliminating the need for duplicate data management.

With Parttrap® ONE, you can enhance your user experience by accessing and promoting products from your Acumatica ERP system. When customers place orders on your site, they are instantly recorded in your ERP system, ensuring accurate stock allocation and production scheduling. Order details, including order numbers, prices, and delivery times, are meticulously matched in your Acumatica ERP.

Benefits of using Parttrap® ONE with Acumatica ERP:

  • Real-Time integration out of the box
  • No need for any costly integration project
  • Proven and secure architecture
  • Deployment in the Cloud or On-Premises
  • Supports Acumatica ERP business logic
  • Supports User Defined tables and fields in Acumatica ERP

Parttrap® ONE accesses the following data from one or multiple companies in Acumatica ERP

  • Customers: Customer details, terms, and delivery addresses
  • Products: Product data, stock availability
  • Orders: Open and closed orders with order details and shipment tracking
  • Invoices: Open and closed with payment information
  • Pricing: Price & Discount structure
  • Tables: Code Tables
  • Multi-language: Language-dependent data
  • Tables and fields: User-Defined Tables & Fields


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