Implementation and deployment modes

Parttrap® ONE B2B ecommerce platform

Flexible deployment and smooth implementation

Flexible deployment to suit your needs

Our Hosting Services have been designed to provide high-quality hosting. The combination of secure access to your business-critical information and a complete infrastructure enables you to concentrate on your core business. Many of our clients prefer to minimize the management on their own IT infrastructure. To meet these needs, we offer hosted solutions and complete on-demand implementations (Saas, Software as a service).

On-Premises, live ERP data

Parttrap® ONE is deployed On-Premises with direct connection to Live ERP data. Prices, availability (stock balance), order status etc. is presented in Parttrap® ONE without any delay.

On-Premises, replicated ERP data

Parttrap® ONE is deployed On-Premises with direct connection to Replicated ERP data. This mode is used when Live ERP data must not be queried by other applications than the ERP system, e.g. Report Tools and ecommerce solutions.

Hosted, replicated ERP data

Parttrap® ONE is deployed in Microsoft Azure with direct connection to ERP data that has been Replicated to Microsoft Azure.

Go live in four steps

When implementing Parttrap® ONE, you are a vital part of the process. Our implementation methodology is based on a tight cooperation between our ecommerce specialists and your business specialists. Together, we will fine-tune the design, navigation and functionality to meet up to your customers' expectations and make sure that you get a quick return on your investment.

Mission purpose and preparation

Step I

A successful web project starts with good preparation, a dedicated team and a clear purpose of the mission.

  • Preparation
  • Installation
  • Basic set up
  • Basic training

Construction and advanced training

Step II

With standard templates for site structure, navigation, content pages and design, starting the constuction of your site(s) is a moonwalk!

  • Advanced feature training/consulting
  • Implementation of graphical design
  • Implementation of navigation and web content
  • Advanced system settings training/consulting
  • Optimization (if desired)
  • QA and final acceptance test

Testing testing!

Step III

Your site(s) is almost ready to launch, now we need to let some test pilots in to try it out!

  • Move from TEST to PROD site
  • QA and final acceptance test
  • Go live with pilot customers

Blastoff! Go live with all customers and skyrocket your digital sales process!

Step IV

You are now in orbit!

Life after Launch

Congratulations, your site is live and you are in the good hands of Parttrap Customer Center. It’s the place where all your future needs will be addressed by the Customer Center Team.

We are here to help you with

  • Knowledge & training
  • Inspiration on future improvements
  • Development of new and amazing features
  • Issues & challenges


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