Content Management System (CMS)

Parttrap ONE B2B ecommerce platform

Create and brand amazing and user friendly sites and customer portals with ease

CMS Highlights in Parttrap® ONE

  • Flexible site creation
  • Build responsive pages using drag & drop
  • Create personalized content based on user type
  • Utilize the latest front-end technologies
  • Centralized management of multiple sites
  • Integrated Image & Document library
  • All content in one place - Parttrap Studio

Smooth Site Navigation

Craft a superior site journey with intuitive navigation. Users explore via menus, product catalogs, or clickable links. Navigation types can adapt to roles, preferences, and behavior. Customize menus and product structures for various user types. Automatically adjust to user roles and real-time product availability, ensuring a tailored experience for each user.

Effortless Design

Craft sophisticated ecommerce sites with no need for coding. Utilize drag & drop for pre-defined sections with adjustable functionality and appearance. Fluid grid concept ensures dynamic pages for all devices. Parttrap® ONE offers ready-to-use pages for production or customized layout. Create pages from scratch by selecting a type, structuring, adding sections, and configuring via settings. Enjoy simplicity of templates and strength of custom design, all in one package.

Boost Marketing

Parttrap® ONE CMS simplifies content creation, SEO optimization, and data analytics. Seamlessly connect to popular marketing tools for comprehensive campaigns and insights. Elevate your marketing strategy with efficiency and data-driven decisions.

Boost Traffic with SEO

Enhance your site's visibility using Parttrap® ONE. Align with your chosen SEO strategy, equipped with essential optimization tools to empower data-driven insights. Structured HTML, URLs, and mobile-friendly design enhance rankings and drive traffic. Elevate your online presence effortlessly.

Effortless Responsiveness

Craft dynamic web pages with Parttrap® ONE's responsive design. Ensure seamless display on browsers across devices like PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Building responsive pages is both intuitive and enjoyable, offering convenience and flexibility in one package!

Unified content hub

Centralize content globally and locally with Parttrap® ONE. Seamlessly create, edit, and link product content and digital assets. Media files enrich user experience, and their accessibility across sales channels is paramount. Efficiently manage, share, and distribute within your organization or to sales channels. Simplify content creation and translation processes

Tailored Access & Categories

Empower users with pertinent content access. Establish custom content categories. Apply access controls to ensure authorized viewing or downloading for internal and external users alike.

Expert site branding

Master your site's aesthetics with CSS control. Customize look & feel effortlessly. Parttrap® ONE introduces Layout Themes: unite Page Header, Footer, and CSS Style for coherent visuals. Design multiple Layout Themes for distinct Markets, Brands, Pages, or User Categories. Harness professional branding with ease.

Tailored personalization

Deliver personalized user experiences with Parttrap® ONE. Effortlessly cater to global, local, and individual needs while maintaining a personal touch in customer relations. Each page or section can adapt to Market, User Category, Product Category, Preferences, and Device. This translates to streamlined complexity and costs for Multi-Market, Multi-Company, or Multi-Brand setups. Users enjoy superior experiences, relevant content, and optimized workflows.

Advanced tech

Stay current with evolving tech! Parttrap® ONE leverages cutting-edge HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap for enriched user experiences and device adaptability. All modules in Parttrap® ONE are 100% Microsoft.Net based, developed, and supported by our in-house team. Full control over specifications, development, QA, and support ensures optimal performance.


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