3D Technologies for B2B ecommerce

Parttrap® ONE

Interactive Exploded views, CPQ and Virtual Showrooms

Invest in an All-in-ONE B2B ecommerce platform with powerful 3D capabilities

With modern tools like three.js, it has become easier than ever to display 3D graphics in any modern web browser. It works everywhere, without the need for external plugins – from smartphone browsers to workstations and even on TV sets. In Parttrap® ONE, you can work with 3D technologies to display and sell your products. Whether it's guiding the user to the correct spare part, configuring a product, or simply getting a 3D view of the product.

3D technologies and Parttrap® ONE highlights

  • Ecommerce ready
  • Improve user experience and increase sales
  • Works in all modern browsers
  • No need for external plugins
  • Responsive design
  • Virtual Showrooms
  • 3D configurations and CPQ
  • Spare parts 3D Exploded views

Virtual Showrooms

Showcasing products through an interactive showroom gives your customers an engaging and immersive experience. Using cutting-edge 3D web technology, it is easy to stand out from competitors - and it is all native to Parttrap® ONE.

CPQ: Configure products using 3D visuals

Offer an easy way for your customers to visualize their product configurations. Using the standard configurator features of Parttrap® ONE, whether it is a simple sequential configuration or a complex attribute-and-constraint-based one, a 3D visualization can be added based on your existing CAD data.

Spare part sales with 3D Exploded Views

Increase spare parts sales with exploded views in 3D. Follow the easy-to-follow template to convert your existing CAD models into fully interactive 3D exploded views on your website - all based on the latest WebGL technologies.


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