Our story


From startup to torchbearer of innovation

Our story

Everything began with a need. Where to find a partner with robust expertise and a comprehensive solution suite for digitalizing and optimizing the entire order-delivery chain - all under one roof?

The market was full of small enterprises providing software and technological solutions. These players focused on niche and specific solutions. However, the order-delivery chain is like a vast ocean that requires multiple solutions. Companies had to deal with several small players to meet their needs.

The challenge was to find a profitability partner with the capabilities and resources to help companies boost their production while optimizing the entire order-delivery chain from sales and engineering to supply chain, manufacturing, logistics, and product lifecycle services.

Roima Intelligence Inc. entered the scene to fill this void. The idea was to emerge as a formidable, one-stop-shop expert that manufacturing companies could turn to for consulting and technological solutions.

Next, we set the ball rolling in 2014, marking the birth of Roima Intelligence.

Roima’s creation is a story of grit, determination, and steady growth. We have come far from 30 employees and three million euros in revenue. Even our headcount and revenue have increased tenfold.

Startup to torchbearer of innovation: Decade of industrial brilliance


Roima was created on the solid foundations of Oy Delta Enterprise Ltd., forming the roots of Roima’s MES business.

Oy Delta Enterprise Ltd. laid the foundation for Roima’s creation and MES business.

Established in 1989, Delta Enterprise focused on electrical and mechanical engineering and design. In the 1990s, the company shifted its focus to delivering automation (PLC & SCADA) services, which became its primary business. In-depth automation and equipment integration know-how is still one of the central cornerstones of Roima’s added value.

Later, Delta Enterprise entered new business areas like industrial IT and machine vision solutions. Soon afterward, they developed extensive solutions based on commercial MES platforms, ushering in a new era of innovation.

A combined package of MES and ML solutions and consultation services is now integral to the company's business.


Three companies, namely Dialogos Team, Lean Forward, and Done Software Solutions, joined Roima in 2015, resulting in tremendous growth.

Operations Management & Enterprise Resource Planning Business from Tieto

Roima’s offering portfolio was complemented by Lean System, forming a cohesive partnership. Since its inception in the 1990s, this enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution has earned the trust of reputed organizations.

The roots of the ERP system trace back to Dialogos-Team Oy, established in 1988 as a research spin-off from Helsinki University of Technology. Dialogos-Team Oy launched the first version of the Lean System production management tool, encompassing the end-to-end process from orders to invoicing and material needs to purchase invoices.

Following a series of mergers and acquisitions, Lean System came under the umbrella of Tieto (then known as TT-Tieto). It emerged as the sole brand and product platform for the business. Positioned as a midsize ERP solution, it caters to the needs of manufacturing and industrial service companies. Its primary focus is manufacturing operations management (MOM) and industrial service business.

Service Business from Lean Forward

Roima’s industrial background as a Lean Forward consultant allows it to provide its Lean System clientele with advanced services. Thanks to our detailed knowledge, along with expert training and development services in operations management, our clients will receive guidance related to:

  • Shop floor operations
  • Sales and operations planning
  • Order-to-delivery processes

Intralogistics from Done Software Solutions

Roima required an advanced intralogistics solution to complete its offerings. The Finnish company Done Software Solutions and its product FidaWare WMS caught Roima's attention. The roots of this company lie in the Finnish city of Seinäjoki (the year 1978) and Teknillinen Toimisto Esko Salo Ky, located in Kauhajoki.

Within its few years of inception, Esko Salo expanded its operations and started to deliver turnkey intralogistics solutions to international customers.

The company's name and ownership changed multiple times over its history (before being acquired by Roima). In 2010, the company became known as Done Software Solutions, with its primary offering being FidaWare WMS.


In the summer of 2016, Roima acquired a new business, Modultek Oy. Established in 1989, Modultek Oy was a Finnish company located in Pori. Roima acquired its branch in Pori and its Netherlands subsidiary. Forty new employees joined the Roima family. These professionals were experts in the following areas:

  • Product data
  • Item specialists
  • Product lifecycle
  • Data quality

Year after year, the company’s products were recognized as market-leading PDM/PLM solutions in Finland (user surveys by CAD/CAM Association of Finland CCY).

Product data connects multiple operations in a company’s order-delivery chain. With Modultek’s entry, Roima’s offerings also expanded to include sharing engineering and manufacturing data in industrial networks among principals and subcontractors – as that requires advanced product management.

Modultek was the first company in Finland whose experts were certified ISO 8000 Master Data Managers.


During the summer of 2018, we received many new colleagues from outside Finland. We welcomed Sprymer AB to the fast-growing Roima group. Sprymer AB was renamed Roima Sverige AB, with offices in Västerås and Linköping. Swedish expertise strengthened the company’s board of directors and ownership.

Sweden’s leading MOM (manufacturing operations management) solutions specialist and integrator (catering to F&B and technology companies) joined our team. Additionally, their expertise in AI and ML made a valuable addition to Roima’s offerings.


2019 began joyfully as Logia Software Oy joined Roima in January. Incorporated in 1975, Logia is an old-timer in the logistics industry, specializing in supply chain management.

Logia’s acquisition gave us 50 talented employees and a vast client base of companies that use Logia’s cloud technology. Thanks to Logia’s entry, Roima’s logistics expertise will receive a significant boost.

Our customers will benefit from tailored, all-in-one solutions to manage their supply chain.


At the start of 2022, Roima accelerated its international growth as we welcomed Logimatic IDS A/S to the Roima group. Previously, Logimatic IDS A/S was a Danish warehouse management software specialist. Besides retail, wholesale, and manufacturing companies, Logimatic IDS A/S served hospitals and hotels. Its renowned services include the WMS solution. Many warehouses in Denmark and Norway use LOGIA.

Hence, Logia fostered Roima’s entry into the Danish market. It paved the way for us to become a leading Northern European software provider for advanced supply chain requirements.

Read more about LOGIA WMS


At the end of 2022, Roima received another milestone by welcoming Part Trap AB to its group. Part Trap AB was a fast-growing Swedish B2B Digital Commerce software provider for discrete manufacturers. Its innovative solution, Parttrap ONE, features:

  • Ecommerce
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Out-of-box real-time ERP integration for leading manufacturing ERPs

Roima’s new office in Gothenburg will strengthen our Swedish presence, making us one of the esteemed Northern European software providers for advanced supply chain needs.


In June of 2023, Roima merged with PERITO Consulting, a top Integrated Business Planning software provider. PERITO will strengthen our operations in Denmark and establish us as the leading software provider for advanced Supply Chain planning and execution. The joined product offering will provide existing and future customers with fit-for-purpose solutions that achieve even higher levels of efficiency across the entire value chain.

2023 -

Today, Roima has offices in Finland, USA, Sweden, and Denmark. We develop the following solutions:

  • Product management
  • Machine vision
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Manufacturing execution & operations software
  • Logistics software
  • Ecommerce
  • Integrated business planning

Our mission is to empower businesses to achieve sustainable results through digitalization. Our vision is to become a European specialist with a robust vision and the expertise to become a global leader and help companies manage challenges associated with:

  • Supply chain planning
  • Automation management
  • Smart factory management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Operations management

Decades of cooperation and dedication have made us a reputed name in the Nordics and North America. Our extensive know-how and cutting-edge products are the choice of over 500 successful companies globally.