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Elevate public sector efficiency through digital transformation for tomorrow’s challenges

Digitize your business today and become future-proof for tomorrow

Roima Intelligence accelerates your public sector’s digital transformation, ensuring future-proof operations. Leveraging tools like WMS, ERP, and AI, Roima streamlines processes, minimizes errors, and heightens customer satisfaction. As an expert in optimizing public sector and hospital logistics, we offer innovative solutions for efficiency enhancement.



Integrated hospital logistics solutions

Our systems optimize healthcare supply chains for seamless resource flow.

Digital procurement and supplier management

We streamline public sector procurement for efficient requisitions and compliance.

Data-driven decision support

Using advanced analytics for informed decisions in procurement and supply chain.

Real-time supply chain visibility

Real-time tracking ensures medical supplies and equipment availability.

Smart inventory management

We use data analysis, forecasting, and automation to optimize inventory and prevent shortages.

Efficient distribution route optimization

Our software enhances hospital logistics by optimizing routes and reducing travel time.

Regulatory compliance and quality assurance

We ensure compliance with healthcare regulations, quality standards, and accountability.

Patient-centric logistics solutions

Our patient-centered logistics ensure critical supplies for healthcare excellence.

Products and solutions

Delmia Quintiq

Delmia Quintiq is a supply chain planning and optimization tool. Roima integrates it into manufacturing and logistics systems for enhanced supply chain management.


Efficient warehouse management and automation control in the same software.

Roima eProcurement

Streamline procurement, automate processes, enhance ERP integration, vendor tracking, quotation, and invoice management for increased control and efficiency.


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