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Revolutionize quotes for supreme confidence and matchless accuracy

Simplify quotes, boost confidence, and close deals effortlessly!

Ditch spreadsheets and switch to Roima Intelligence’s CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solutions tools to overcome sales and pricing challenges. Generate documents like invoices, proposals, order forms, contracts, and more to close deals swiftly and confidently.

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Accurate and consistent quotes

Maintain precise and uniform quotes, while pricing, configurations, and details errors

Faster sales cycles

Automate product setups, hasten proposal creation, quotes, and sales timelines with CPQ

Optimized pricing

Get accurate pricing with discounts, rules, features while being profitable with CPQ

Enhanced cross-selling and upselling

CPQ provides add-on/upgrade tips for vital deals, more revenue and customer satisfaction

Reduced training time

Train new reps to grasp products and pricing details while simplifying sales with CPQ

Improved sales collaboration

CPQ enables teamwork, lends clarity, and reduces communication gaps through centralization

Data-driven insights

Generate data-related trends, refine sales strategies, and spot enhancements with CPQ

Customization and flexibility

CPQ adapts to unique products, pricing, and workflows of diverse businesses

Products and solutions

Lean System

Modular ERP enhances industrial efficiency with real-time data, agile planning, and cloud/on-premises deployment.

Parttrap® ONE

ERP-integrated B2B ecommerce & PIM platform with CPQ and Spare Parts Management for manufacturers and distributors that want to build Customer self-service portals.


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