Lean System

Agile enterprise resource planning

Invest in a futuristic ERP system for enhanced visibility and sharp decision-making

Lean System: Insightful solutions for complex industrial operations

Are you seeking an ERP system that simplifies supply chain and cash flow management while facilitating informed decision-making? Lean System is a modular ERP system that offers real-time data for inventory tracking, recognizing sales opportunities, and improving customer satisfaction. Optimize productivity by integrating machines, data, and humans with Lean System.

Key features of Lean System

Whether full-fledged Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) or Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Lean System is an agile and modular solution supporting various control modes. Simultaneously, it gives you the tools to boost productivity and production efficiency.

Comprehensive digital process

Manage end-to-end digital processes from engineering to manufacturing and closing deals while ensuring optimal shop floor productivity. Coordinate with suppliers, distributors, contractors, and your in-house production team.

Real-time production control

Track production changes, material needs, and supplier data in real-time. Provide transparent information on product and raw material origins to build customer trust.

Cloud or on-premises possibilities

Opt for either Cloud ERP's SaaS or on-premises version to meet your business needs. Gain benefits like improved performance, scalability, and cost efficiency, regardless of your industry or business model.

Agile planning and management solution

Lean System’s reporting tool streamlines your business data, and operations with integrated planning, supply chain management, and forecasting features for long-term success.

Why choose Lean System for your business?

Invest in Lean System to enjoy the best of both worlds – it’s the solution with complete ERP and MOM capabilities. Boost productivity, efficiency, and gain a holistic company view. Tailored to fulfill your business objectives, it enables agile production and swift improvements.

Streamlined operations

Lean System streamlines coordination, reduces manual entries, increases accuracy and productivity, and saves time by automating repetitive tasks.

Improved visibility

Gain operational transparency with a centralized view of production, inventory, sales, and potential roadblocks. Eliminate issues proactively.

Accurate demand and sales forecasting

Automated sales forecasting with Lean System optimizes the use of resources by anticipating customer demand and avoiding over or under-production.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure legal compliance by providing accurate data on production processes and raw material sources.

Paperless production

Optimize production with APS, MES, and WMS. Improve quality and compliance by monitoring each stage and implementing timely improvements.


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