Roima Reporting

Add-on for Lean System ERP

Cutting-edge reporting solution to sustain cut-throat competition

Listen to data, not your heart - Roima Reporting

Emotion-driven decisions are a recipe for disaster. Roima’s innovative reporting tool is an add-on for the ERP system that allows you to manage, process, and analyze vast volumes of data within minutes. Our robust SaaS can be customized to suit companies in diverse sectors.

Key features of Roima Reporting

Roima Reporting’s modern and innovative reporting tool optimizes business processes, provides valuable insights, and ensures regulatory compliance.

Integrated business expertise

Roima Reporting combines the capabilities of Lean System and Power BI to provide effective reporting with browser-based access on desktop and mobile devices.

Pre-built dashboards and reports

Effortlessly analyze data with pre-built reports, metrics, and customizable templates. Compatible with sales, production, purchase, stock, and projects.

Cloud-based reporting

With Roima Reporting, users can easily create, edit, and share reports from any device. Data is securely stored in the cloud while using minimal resources.

Comprehensive data insights

Roima Reporting offers a detailed view of your company's operations and sites, providing valuable insights for ongoing enhancements.

Extensive content pack

Enable users to quickly analyze data and easily access valuable insights through an optimized data model, simplifying reporting for sales, production, purchasing, stock, and project requirements.

Why choose Roima Reporting for your business?

Whether mobile or desktop, use Roima Reporting straight from your browser. No complex configuration or technical expertise is required. Reduce the hassle of working between multiple different excel files, just log in easily and generate those reports.

Real-time data access and transparency

Roima Reporting makes report generation easy and hassle-free. No technical expertise is required, just log in and start. No more working across multiple Excel files.


Collect and analyze copious amounts of data within seconds with a single click. You can even schedule reports refresh at regular intervals to obtain real-time data.

Informed decisions

Visualizing data through charts, graphs, and flowcharts helps stakeholders and managers make better decisions by observing patterns and flaws. Real-time data is the most reliable source of information for making informed decisions.

Holistic business understanding

Explore data from various functions and locations to gain business insights. Analyzing large datasets from real-time sources helps anticipate future actions.

Regulatory compliance

Automate data collection, analysis, tracking, and reporting while documenting them to ensure compliance with local and international regulations. Make audits smoother than ever before.


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