Data-driven assessment on your own data

Supply chain solution

Quantify and justify the ROI before implementing solutions

Decrease working capital without compromising service quality with a data-driven assessment

A supply chain assessment is a detailed evaluation of a company’s supply chain processes, systems, and performance. How can our supply chain assessment help your business?

  • Identification of potential savings and improvements based on a data-driven assessment
  • A detailed breakdown of potentials in product groups and cost types
  • Statistical analysis of sales and inventory patterns on item level
  • Recommendations of high-impact improvement areas
  • Improvement roadmap considering internal resources, constraints, and level of planning maturity
  • Provide us with your data, and we will give you a detailed assessment report in 2-4 weeks

Why choose a data-driven supply chain assessment?

Over 90% of wholesale and manufacturing companies have untapped potential to decrease inventory and working capital substantially without compromising service quality. A data-driven assessment shows you how to realize the potential.

Our data-driven assessment can help you make informed decisions, enhancing organizational performance. The main objective of a supply chain assessment is to understand the shortcomings in your supply chain, the opportunities they offer, and how you can get the most out of it overall.

What is the primary focus of a supply chain assessment?

The primary focus points of a supply chain assessment are as follows.

  • Data-Driven Forecast Assessment: Benchmark the current forecasting accuracy against the optimized forecast.
  • Data-Driven Inventory Assessment (Parameters): Identify optimal safety stocks based on target service level, benchmark against existing levels, and analyze savings by category (working capital, lost sales, obsolescence OPEX).
  • Data-Driven Inventory Assessment (Behavior): Validate compliance in actual planning to separate parameter optimization from behavioral impact. Identify key potential areas of planning behavior improvement.
  • Future operating model: IBP operating model input and phased implementation recommendations based on maturity.

Why should you consider a data-driven supply chain assessment?

Supply chains can be complicated with several moving parts. Siloed data and lack of visibility make it harder for companies to identify disruptions and prevent them from taking proactive action. Lack of awareness and commitment can further deter effective supply chain assessments.

Only 6% of companies report full visibility on their supply chain. 69% of companies don’t have total visibility. These stats show that companies lack the visibility and resources to improve supply chain planning.

Consequently, most companies, despite intense efforts, cannot demonstrate any measurable improvements in their company’s performance. The supply chain assessment plan is key to putting your company on the right path so that you don’t fall into the 69% category of companies.

Notable benefits of a data-driven supply chain assessment:

  • Establish a baseline and analyze current supply chain performance based on your live data.
  • Identifying and quantifying benefits of the supply chain and how they should be harvested.
  • Identifying and recommending key elements of the future operating model, as well as assessing its potential benefits.
  • Build the overall business case for change and high-level roadmap including focused activities.
  • Address how data-driven Integrated Business Planning (IBP) can improve your supply chain and locate potential key elements.

Timing and resources

Contrary to what most people think, a supply chain assessment will not consume a significant chunk of your company’s resources. Our assessment specialists will take a sample of your data to analyze and understand your business.

We have the tools and expertise to conduct the supply chain assessment. You won’t have to invest in additional employees or resources to perform this assessment. After we conduct a detailed assessment based on the provided data, we will provide you with a comprehensive report within 2 to 4 weeks.


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