Financial Forecasting Planning

Supply chain solution

Optimize financial forecasting with the power of data

Make informed decisions with PERITO IBP’s precise financial forecasting

Eliminate manual work and dependence on legacy systems for forecasting. PERITO IBP financial planning module allows you to adopt an agile forecasting approach that results in faster output with greater accuracy. Not only that, but the financial forecasting module also integrates seamlessly with the demand planning module to generate gross to net figures or cash flow statements faster than ever before.

PERITO IBP delivers impressive results for its clients. Some highlights of these results are as follows.

  • Improved overall forecast accuracy by 25%
  • Improved forecast over-estimation by 37%
  • Improved forecast under-estimation by 23%

These forecast numbers have a significant impact on your rolling financial forecasts – on an aggregated level as well as across the total product hierarchy.

Benefits of financial forecasting module


Single set of numbers that everyone in the company can use, reducing duplication and saving time.

Improves baseline forecasts

The module generates improved baseline forecasts to facilitate effective decision-making.

Identifies driver-based financial forecasts

Identifies driver-based financial forecasts to understand the organization’s financial performance.

Improved consensus plan

Improved consensus plan that fosters better collaboration and coordination across the company.

Reduced forecasting errors

Reduced forecasting errors for improved financial performance.

Informed decision-making

Make informed decisions about resource allocation, investment, and expansion to maximize ROI.

Increased agility and responsiveness

Stay ahead of the competition with live updates about market conditions and customer preferences.

Better communication and collaboration

Improved interdepartmental communication and uniform information sharing ensure companies align their goals and strategies.


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