Inventory Planning Module

Supply chain solution

The world’s most advanced technology for inventory planning

Precise inventory planning with PERITO IBP for efficiency and profitability

Most companies are facing complex supply planning. Therefore, they need state-of-the-art inventory planning that can help see through the complexity of service levels, safety stock and all the constraints important to their business – based on their specific supply chain footprint.

The inventory planning module is one of the world’s most accurate methods for optimizing stock levels calculating full cost transparency for each service level on every item.

Key features of inventory planning module

PERITO IBP inventory planning module has many exciting features. They are as follows:

Economic Stock Optimization

State-of-the-art technology for optimizing inventory levels and reduce working capital.

Business logic

Create a powerful and effective process combining algorithms, tasks, and business logic.


Reduce inventory, out of stock goods, and overheads along with ordering placing time.

Safety stock and reorder points

Overview on safety stocks and reorder points plus their implications on inventory levels.

Stock product segmentation

Automated stock segmentation of your product relevant categories.

Planning behavior

Full transparency into planning behavior to ensure the data-driven approach to planning.

Deep dives

Break down data into different segments, identify trends and develop strategies to increase savings.

Outlier handling

Remove outliers from safety stock calculations to increase efficiency and ensure significant cost savings.


Suggest the right levels of inventory at each stage of the supply chain.

Benefits of inventory planning module

The inventory planning module has multiple benefits. They are as follows:

Optimize inventory levels and reduce working capital

This module uses advanced algorithms to facilitate optimized inventory levels in complex environments.

Increased visibility

Get real-time inventory view across multiple channels and make informed decisions about inventory allocation and replenishment.

Reduced costs

Optimize inventory levels and reduce inventory carrying costs, transportation, and other costs with this module.

Avoid lost sales

Avoid stockouts and ensure that customers get products when they need them to avoid lost sales.

Increased agility

Adapt for demand, supply, and market changes to more agility and responsiveness to stay ahead of the competition.


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