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Comprehensive supply chain visibility

PERITO IBP control tower – actionable Insights

Do you want greater visibility into supply chain visibility? The PERITO IBP control tower provide a comprehensive, end-to-end supply chain visibility enabling enterprises to obtain deeper insight into their supply chains’ current and historical performance. Furthermore, it makes it easier to identify current and potential problems in the supply chain processes and thus, improve overall decision making.

Benefits of control tower module

Increased visibility and control

Centralized view of the supply chain planning, giving you the visibility and control to optimize performance, resolve issues, and make informed decisions.

Reduced costs

Identify, eliminate, optimize resource utilization to reduce costs.

Increased efficiency

Boost efficiency by automating tasks, streamlining processes, and eliminating silos.

Increased agility

Increase business agility by quickly adapting to market trends and customer preferences to stay ahead of the competition.

Improved decision-making

Improve decision-making with the right data and insights to make informed decisions about investments and operations.

Improved employee productivity

Provide employees with the tools and resources to work efficiently with the control tower modules.

PERITO IBP – 4 control tower modules

PERITO IBP has four control tower modules:

KPI development

Focuses on total supply chain visibility and control to optimize and fulfill lead times, reduce inventory costs, and mitigate real-time exceptions.

Demand and supply alerts

Intelligent demand and supply alert module uses market intelligence to optimize demand and supply, reducing response time and ensuring efficiency.

Order compliance and high pull alert

The order compliance and high pull alert module tool helps companies track order lines, flag potential stock-outs, and decide how to react.

Task management module

Task management module in a planning system is essential for coordinating and automating tasks across demand, inventory, and supply teams.


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