Demand Planning Module

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Foresee the future and change the course of your business.

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The dynamic nature of businesses requires companies to be proactive. PERITO IBP’s demand planning module uses advanced algorithms to market trends, customer preferences, and historical analysis data to predict future demand. Additionally, the high forecast accuracy helps optimize inventory levels, improve supply chain efficiency, and increase productivity.

PERITO IBP offers a unique solution that combines the capabilities of a demand planning solution and experienced analysts to help you reach unprecedented success. Say goodbye to manual reporting. Choose PERITO IBP today.

Key features of the demand planning module

The key features of the demand planning module are as follows.

Demand sensing

Innovative statistical forecasting capabilities to accurately identify trends and seasonal demands and predict future demand.

Automatic data cleaning

Import numerical sales data at SKU level into your forecasting to avail yourself of clean and accurate data.

Product segmentation

Flexible way of grouping products according to their sales patterns and product attributes.

Identify seasonal trends

Identify seasonal trends accurately and manage customer demand accordingly.

ABC categorization

Detailed segmentation of products, channels, and customers according to volume, profitability, predictability, and other factors.

Customer forecasting

Include, verify, and use customer forecasts in the demand planning process for greater accuracy and improved customer satisfaction.

Campaign management

Identify the right products to promote, set budgeting goals, and manage budgets. Evaluate results of campaigns and challenge sales inputs constantly.

Product phase in/out

Handle new products and discard the old or non-profitable ones.

Benefits of demand planning module

The demand planning module offers various benefits. They are as follows:

Increased accuracy

Use advanced statistical and AI/ML techniques to generate accurate demand forecasts.

More visibility

Unified view of demand across multiple channels and markets facilitates the identification of trends while improving interdepartmental collaboration.

Enhanced agility

Agile and responsive planning module allows businesses to adapt quickly to trends and market changes, preventing under-stocking and overstocking and ensuring optimal inventory management.

Reduced costs

Reduce costs and boost profitability by optimizing production, inventory, and pricing decisions.

Improved decision-making

Make informed decisions with valuable insights and information to achieve strategic goals and objectives.


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