Transform your business operations with PERITO IBP

Unlock the full potential of your supply chain with PERITO IBP. Our cutting-edge Integrated Business Planning platform is designed specifically for Chief Supply Chain Officers and the planning organization. PERITO IBP helps you achieve accurate supply chain planning optimization by seamlessly balancing conflicting sales, finance, and production goals. See how our platform can optimize inventory, streamline demand planning, and enhance operational efficiency.


Why watch the demo?

PERITO IBP addresses common supply chain challenges:

  • Overstocking the wrong products: Uses sophisticated forecasting models and AI to ensure high runners are always in stock.
  • Running dry on important products: Continuously monitors and alerts you to potential supply chain issues.
  • Meeting high service levels: Provides accurate forecasts and real-time insights to maintain exceptional service.
  • Excessive scrapping: Minimizes waste and maximizes sustainability with intelligent balancing of demand and supply.


Key benefits

  • Maintain high service levels: Keep your customers satisfied.
  • Optimize working capital: Lower your working capital levels.
  • Enhance production stability: Achieve stability and flow in your production processes.
  • Prevent stockouts: Optimize inventory levels and prevent disruptions.


Watch the demo now!

Welcome to the official demonstration of PERITO IBP, your comprehensive solution for integrated business planning! This video provides an in-depth look at how PERITO IBP can transform your operations.

Video highlights:

  • Inventory optimization: Learn how PERITO IBP balances sales, finance, and supply chain goals with advanced optimization methods.
  • Economic Stock Optimization (ESO): Discover the ESO method and interface for optimal service levels and cost efficiency.
  • Control tower and demand planning: Explore customizable forecasting tools and KPI tracking for seamless planning.
  • Scenario capabilities and capacity planning: Watch simulations of demand changes and learn to optimize production schedules.
  • Financial impact and business cases: Understand how reducing inventory can free up working capital and lower costs.

This demo video is perfect for supply chain managers, financial officers, sales managers, and anyone involved in business planning. Whether looking to optimize inventory, improve forecast accuracy, or manage capacity effectively, PERITO IBP has the necessary tools.

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