Fusion chooses LOGIA inventory management for new warehouse


Fusion is moving into a larger warehouse and has chosen LOGIA as its warehouse management platform. LOGIA will be streamlining the picking flow in the warehouse and supporting the company’s continued growth.

Fusion has outgrown its current warehouse which develops, produces, and distributes high performance sports and leisure clothing to retailers and straight to webshop customers. The company has therefore chosen to invest in a new warehouse and the WMS solution LOGIA. 

“We look forward to implementing LOGIA in our new warehouse. It allows us to pick up multiple orders at once and to optimize the processing of web orders and store orders”, says Per Henrik Höfler from Fusion. 

company’s continued growth. LOGIA is a scalable solution with standard functionality which makes it easy to expand and upgrade as Fusion’s logistical needs change. 

Fusion had a desire to streamline picking flow and minimize time-waste in the warehouse. With LOGIA’s batch picking and Single Line functionality, warehouse employees can pick up multiple orders at once, so that locations are visited fewer times. In addition, LOGIA will be collaborating with the freight system Webshipper, so that all processes are connected, and time-waste is minimized. 

The project will be operational in August, when Fusion will take over the new warehouse.

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