Globus Wine reaps the benefits of efficient warehouse management


Two years ago, Globus Wine initiated the journey with LOGIA – and less than a year later, the business continues harvesting results.

LOGIA controls the entire warehouse and ensures a good flow of goods to and from the production. Within the pallet storage, 2 semiautomatic forklift trucks are an integral part of the working processes and have already brought several benefits along.

Globus Wine does not solely has an eye for good wine but also has an eye for optimization of processes and efficiency. LOGIA’s high level of usability and control of automotive equipment was decisive for Globus Wine, and the attraction increased further as the WMS-solution is scalable.

Since last year when the operation was initiated, the company has experienced further benefits. Globus Wine experiences less internal transportation, a world full of warehouse functionalities, the opportunity to adjust the business and the WMS-solution as needed, and having full control of all orders and inventories.


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