Nic. Christiansen Group Has Joined The Family Of PERITO Customers


Today, Nic. Christiansen Group is one of the leading players in the Nordic automotive industry. Nic. Christiansen Group operates in 7 different countries across the Nordic and Baltic countries. The organization has approximately 750 employees and a network of over 150 competent dealers.

Nic. Christiansen Group is moving through a digital transformation. They are in the process of developing new ways of doing business to take advantage of digital opportunities to improve workflows and processes to absorb future growth in a profitable way.

The future Supply Chain organization will become more data driven taking advantage of existing and new digital opportunities to meet the market, improve the business and create innovation – not only for Nic. Christiansen Group itself, but for the entire automotive industry as we know it.

End-to-end Supply Chain process will be enabled by PERITO’s IBP Planning Solution incorporating new tools and methods to enable NCG to navigate in a time when many unpredictable factors affect the ability to deliver cars.

As a result, NCG will be able to predict future sales, lead times, purchase and delivery plans. In addition, there is significantly better basis for integrating sales expectations into the financial risk management of the company. A crucial capability in a market experiencing significant volatility in delivery times and sales.

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