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PERITO Consulting joining Finnish Roima Intelligence brought an unparalleled system provider for supply chain planning and control to the market.

Finnish Roima Intelligence is known for its strong position in intelligent solutions for supply chain management, manufacturing execution, and product lifecycle management. Danish PERITO Consulting has tactical and strategic level planning expertise in a class of its own. PERITO joining Roima was announced in the summer, and the new company will offer a first-class, full value chain digital solution from a single supplier.

”We were looking for the right partner to complement our business. With Roima, we are a perfect match in terms of technology and culture,” explains Søren Hammer Pedersen, Partner and CCO of PERITO Consulting.

PERITO’s integrated business planning tool PERITO IBP predicts and simulates supply chains and inventories at a strategic and tactical level – looking 1, 3, or 24 months ahead enabling companies to meet future customer and organizational needs. All this is provided through a scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model.

PERITO’s advanced integrated business planning tool can forecast and simulate supply chains and inventories at a strategic and tactical level – looking 1, 3, or 24 months ahead, companies can meet the future needs of their customers and organization.

”There’s a lot of debate in corporate management about how to reduce the working capital. As costs rise, it has become a top priority to keep only the necessary amount of material in stock,” says Hammer Pedersen. PERITO’s tool has one of the world’s most accurate methods for reducing inventories without compromising service levels.”

”PERITO’s excellent inventory optimization and supply chain planning adds value for our customers and the solution covers the entire journey from accurate forecasts to optimized production. The system ensures a competitive advantage for the customers,” says Hannu Holopainen, Planning Business Line Manager at Roima Intelligence.

After companies joined forces, more than 400 experts are now working under one roof. The enlarged Roima Intelligence will be able to professionally serve not only small and medium-sized companies but also large organizations. Before joining, both companies already had a strong position in the Nordic region. Growth is continuing, and with the added muscles, the aim is also to conquer Europe and the USA.

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