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2024 highlights the S&OP MasterClass podcast by Roima, hosted by Stephan Skovlund and Søren Hammer Pedersen. In the Danish article ”5 Challenges for AI in Supply Chain Planning,” the podcast’s 14th episode, “5 pitfalls using AI in supply chain planning and how to mitigate them,” explores the significant issues concerning the integration of AI in supply chain management. The episode emphasizes the importance of data quality, resource allocation, and understanding AI’s limitations.

The article explores the intricate challenges that AI implementation presents in supply chain planning. Stephan Skovlund and Søren Hammer Pedersen, hosts of our S&OP MasterClass podcast, offer valuable insights on these challenges in episode 14, “5 pitfalls using AI in supply chain planning and how to mitigate them”, which has garnered significant attention. Their expertise and practical advice highlight the complexities and potential pitfalls of leveraging AI technologies in supply chain processes.

One key takeaway from the podcast episode is the emphasis on understanding AI’s limitations. While AI holds great promise for revolutionizing supply chain planning, it is crucial to recognize that it is not a silver bullet. Stephan and Søren discuss the importance of ensuring high-quality data, as AI systems are only as good as the data they are trained on. They also caution against the risks of AI systems learning incorrect patterns if not properly monitored and managed.

Additionally, Stephan and Søren delve into the significant resource requirements for implementing AI solutions effectively. From technical expertise to financial investment, organizations need to be prepared for the demands of adopting AI technologies. This pragmatic approach, highlighted in the podcast and recognized by, reinforces our commitment to providing actionable and realistic guidance to industry professionals.

We are thrilled that the S&OP MasterClass podcast continues to be a valuable resource for the supply chain community. This recognition by underscores the podcast’s role in advancing knowledge and fostering informed discussions on critical topics in supply chain management.

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