The TINE dairy makes the warehouse future-proof with a LOGIA upgrade


TINE started a collaboration with Roima Denmark back in 2006, when the warehouse management system LOGIA was chosen to manage the company’s cold storage in Harstad. Since then, the LOGIA solution has been continuously upgraded to streamline warehouse processes.

TINE is Norway’s leading supplier of dairy products. The company is working hard to streamline their warehouse, and therefore they chose the warehouse management system LOGIA back in 2006.

“Since the establishment of TINE’s central warehouse in northern Norway, Roima Denmark has been our WMS supplier in Harstad. Over the years, we have developed a close and good collaboration, where Roima Denmark has gained extensive knowledge of our business. For us, this is crucial in daily operations with short delivery time and durability combined with long distances. In collaboration, we have created a tailor-made system, which we continuously develop together to improve our product flows and efficiency,” says Aase Øverland, operations manager for the warehouse at TINE Harstad.

LOGIA manages and optimizes the manual and automatic areas of the warehouse to ensure a minimum of process steps. In the goods receiving area, large parts of the registration have been removed and replaced with Advance Shipping Notice. Warehouse locations are automatically replenished by crane, and picking errors are minimized with colored warehouse shelves combined with LOGIA’s visual user interface.

Most recently, TINE has chosen to secure the warehouse for the future by upgrading the LOGIA solution to the latest version. The warehouse distributes to a large geographical area in northern Norway, which places special demands on the work processes. Therefore, the purpose of the upgrade is to use LOGIA’s route management function, which automatically prioritizes the order in which orders are to be handled based on the distribution routes of the warehouse (individual freight carriers’ pick-up times and drop-off locations on the routes). In the past, TINE has performed this time-consuming process manually, and the route management function will therefore save a lot of administrative time.

The warehouse went into operation with the upgrade in February, and the next warehouse optimization project is already underway. “The long collaboration has given us an in-depth knowledge of the situation and opportunities of the warehouse, as well as a good personal relationship which is a great help both in connection with support and optimization projects. It is a pleasure to be a part of the development, and we value the close cooperation that we have had throughout the years,” says Karsten Bangshaab, who is CEO of Roima Denmark.

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