Unlock the future of manufacturing: streamlining operations with HEXPOL TPE and Roima

Watch the exclusive on-demand webinar to learn how HEXPOL TPE partnered with Roima Intelligence to change their production. Witness a real-world digital transformation in manufacturing excellence led by Roima’s Business Development Director, Johan Bäckman.

In a time where efficiency and technology are at the center of manufacturing, HEXPOL TPE faced a critical juncture. Their production was limited by a disjointed, out-of-date system environment that included manual processes, relying on outdated software, and significant shortages in system knowledge. Recognizing the critical need for transformation, our collaboration with HEXPOL TPE launched a ground-breaking journey toward a more streamlined, digital-centric company.

This on-demand webinar demonstrates the precise planning and execution of an ambitious endeavor to change HEXPOL TPE’s manufacturing processes. Learn how using AVEVA's advanced product suite advances automation and order execution while also greatly improving quality traceability and performance metrics. Implementing an electronic inventory system was a significant invention that transformed raw material management, increased operational efficiency, and significantly reduced waste.

As we progress through this transition, you will realize the value of synchronizing people, processes, and technology. This story goes beyond technological advances to examine the critical human and procedural changes required for a smooth transition to digitalization. The story of HEXPOL TPE and Roima is more than simply a showcase of technological advancement; it also serves as a thorough guide for any organization looking to overcome digitalization problems and gain a competitive advantage in the manufacturing sector.

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