Next-generation SCADA: Maximizing efficiency and innovation

In a time when technology is advancing rapidly, grasping the difficulties and opportunities within Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems is vital for any industry professional. Our recorded webinar, hosted by Carl-Johan Liedberg, a seasoned senior technical consultant with over a decade of expertise in AVEVA Software, SCADA, and MESs, provides an in-depth look at the next-generation SCADA technologies that will impact the future of industrial automation.

Why should you watch this webinar?

  • Comprehensive insights: Explore the world of SCADA systems, from fundamental concepts and challenges to ground-breaking technological advances.
  • In-depth expertise: Learn critical details from an industry specialist with more than a decade of experience navigating the complexity of SCADA and MES software.
  • Future-ready strategies: Understand how SCADA systems evolve to meet changing technical landscapes and user demands, ensuring operations are ready for the future.
  • Practical demonstrations: Demonstrations of the AVEVA System platform show how modern SCADA solutions may be adapted to meet various industrial requirements.

What will you learn?

  • How to solve common problems with a classic SCADA system.
  • The impact of technological improvements and constantly changing user needs on SCADA systems.
  • Learn about how situational awareness in SCADA systems improves operational efficiency.
  • An overview of AVEVA's SCADA technology, which uses the AVEVA System platform to improve operational insight and control.
  • Learn how to combine SCADA systems with Industry 4.0 technology and meet modern IT policies and security standards.

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