Factory Digital Twin

Digital twin solution

Gain a holistic real-time view of your operations in a visual format

Monitor your factory operations in real-time with the intuitive Digital Twin

Monitoring factory operations and related processes in real-time is essential in a dynamic business environment. Factory Digital Twin visually represents your factory operations with layout, critical data, and illustrative graphics. Get real-time factory insights, detect deviations, and take correct measures immediately.

Key features of Factory Digital Twin

The Factory Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a factory or supply chain that operates in real-time. It is created by integrating data from various sources like ERP, MES, and WMS to cover the entire process of manufacturing, from design to maintenance. This powerful tool allows you to gain real-time insights, optimize operations, and make data-driven decisions that can improve efficiency and productivity.

Real-time monitoring and visualization

Track production orders, machines, inventory, and workers in real-time with Factory Digital Twin. Identify bottlenecks, predict downtime, and ensure smooth production flows with the visual representation of factory operations.

Process optimization

Optimize your factory processes with Factory Digital Twin for precise situational awareness. Adjust production workflows to reduce waste and boost efficiency, resulting in top-quality products and lower operational costs.

Inventory and material control

Effective inventory management is critical in manufacturing. The Factory Digital Twin provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, ensuring that materials are always available just-in-time (JIT), reducing inventory costs, and preventing production delays.

Quality management

Factory Digital Twin allows for real-time production monitoring, immediate corrective action, and robust quality management resulting in enhanced production efficiency, reduced interruptions, and fewer defects.

Holistic picture

Factory Digital Twin maximizes integrated data potential. It creates clear visuals for business processes, operations, and supply chains with detailed levels for management and resource focus.

Why choose Factory Digital Twin for your business?

Many smart factories and other businesses have adopted the use of digital twins because they offer many benefits, including performance monitoring under multiple scenarios and identifying threats/problems beforehand.

Gain more control

Track operations in your factory as they happen, enabling immediate response to any issues or deviations from the norm. Easily follow ongoing and planned tasks.

Improve your resource management

The Factory Digital Twin provides a clear view of resource allocation and utilization, helping optimize resource management and enhance operational efficiency.

Detect issues in time

Real-time data and visual representations enable early detection of deviations and issues, allowing for prompt corrective action to prevent potential disruptions and losses.

Faster insights

Visualizing your factory layout and data with graphics allows for quick understanding and data-driven decision making, eliminating the need for complex analysis.

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