Align Your Plans and Be Ready for Disruptions by Implementing Integrated Business Planning

In the last few years, the manufacturing and logistics companies have faced a challenging environment where change is constant and unexpected events happen frequently. This has led companies to rethink how they can improve their supply chain planning and be better prepared for disruptions in the supply chain.

To overcome these challenges, many companies have started their journey towards Integrated Business Planning, IBP. Planning is executed typically on a few different organizational levels, and there can be several planning functions. In this environment, it is crucial that a company has a single plan that is the same across all planning areas. If planning activities are siloed, disruptions will cause plan to get out of sync, rendering the plan unrealistic. In IBP, one of the key messages is to have a single plan that can be easily updated at any organizational level, making the true consequences visible.

When implementing IBP, it is beneficial to have a planning platform that can cover all the required planning functions. This will help to keep the complexity and costs of the system down. When thinking about IBP systems, it is important to remember that the system needs to have a high business focus. All planning decisions should reflect the likely impact on the business goals and the true financial impact. Roima can help your company to achieve these business benefits from IBP by implementing DELMIA Quintiq and Roima Lean System IBP to take care of your planning needs.

Key benefits of implementing Integrated Business Planning with Roima:

  • Improve your strategic position and make sure your strategy is executed at all organizational levels
  • Enhance business flexibility and be ready to react to disruptions
  • Increase the financial performance by using your supply chain in an optimal way
  • Evaluate plans and activities based on their true economic impact

Watch webinar recording.

In this webinar, you will learn what integrated business planning is and why it is so important for companies today. You will also hear how the single plan idea can be implemented together with Roima using DELMIA Quintiq and Lean System solutions. Different planning decisions and their connections are explored in the context of Roima offering.




Key benefits of implementing Integrated Business Planning with Roima:

Watch webinar recording.

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