‘The Gear’ is the name given to four towering automated vertical lifts and LOGIA warehouse control software which are to process orders for brake pads, chains, pedals, glasses, gloves, etc., efficiently, and flawlessly. Cykelpartner is growing and has – in addition to investing in automation – expanded into a new warehouse building. The business started out as a bicycle repair shop in 1988. Today, it is one of Denmark’s most successful e-commerce businesses with an assortment of approximately 15,000 item numbers, 6,000m2 warehouse and approximately 50 employees.

Michael Givskov, General Manager and Owner of Cykelpartner focuses a great deal on taking advantage of the newest technology and says, ”Traditional warehouse management will not do in future. Time and square meters are costly in Denmark, so we need to focus on efficiency to develop our business.” Michael has been on the sideline throughout the automation project and expects great things from the new warehouse solution.

”Our customers order online at our webshop and so, naturally, our internal warehouse must be online as well and with real-time stock adjustment. The LOGIA system seems very user-friendly and intuitive, and our employees are looking forward to going live,” he continues and adds further ”that the project has a three-year ROI is something that pleases me.”


Fully integrated solution: web shop – vertical lifts – warehouse management

The new warehouse solution is delivered by Effimat and Roima Denmark. Effimat is responsible for supplying the vertical lifts, while Roima Denmark supplies the LOGIA control system for the lifts. LOGIA is integrated into the Cykelpartner web shop and controls the lifts, ensuring that the items reach dispatch at the proper time.

”Integrating several systems can sometimes be a many-headed monster. Fortunately, that is not the case in this instance. There is a single interface with LOGIA and Roima Denmark is in control of it. It is nice to speak with someone, who knows what they are doing and who takes things in hand right away,” says Søren Sieg Jensen, who is Partner of and Developer at Cykelpartner and the Project Manager in charge of the automation project.

The vertical lifts will hold all high-frequency items and will be the first location when orders are picked. Some orders may be collated entirely from the vertical lift area whereas others will be sent on to the manual warehouse area. Yet other orders may only be picked from and collated in the manual warehouse area. Orders for picking and storing will be shown on touch screens and acknowledgement of receipt will be made directly in the system. The new warehouse solution becomes operational in late November 2017.

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Fully integrated solution: web shop – vertical lifts – warehouse management

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