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LOGIA’s WMS solution for managing 14 vertical storage lifts is shared among the makes: Electrolux, Constructor, Handler, Kardex. LOGIA’s WMS standard interface for SAP. MAN Energy Solutions is the world’s leading designer, developer, and supplier of large diesel engines for marine and power plants, as well as auxiliary engines, turbochargers, and propellers.

Fifty percent of all ships on the oceans are powered by a MAN two-stroke engine, and the world’s largest diesel engine, at 115,000 horsepower, comes from MAN.

The Frederikshavn site is an international service and knowledge company that handles repairs and spare parts sales. The warehouse is staffed by 50 employees who ship these spare parts to customers around the world.

Spare parts and components for engines are developed and produced in Copenhagen.


LOGIA customer since 1997

Since 1997, MAN has used vertical storage lifts to store smaller production components and for smaller spare parts. It started with three lifts, which turned out to be an ideal solution. Over the years, several storage lifts have been purchased. Today, there are eight vertical storage lifts of three different makes in Frederikshavn: two by Electrolux, three from Constructor, and three by Handler.

Lately, MAN Energy Solutions’ department in Copenhagen has also put vertical storage lifts into use in its warehouse. Here, the solution comprises six Kardex lifts.


One solution controls 14 vertical storage lifts distributed among 4 different makes

From the start, Roima has been associated with MAN’s storage lift projects, and the LOGIA WMS is used in connection with the management of all four brands of storage lifts. For MAN, it is a significant advantage that the same integration is used regardless of the lift in which the items are stored. LOGIA’s WMS solution is  managing:

  • 2 Electrolux vertical storage lifts
  • 3 Constructor vertical storage lifts
  • 3 Handler vertical storage lifts
  • 6 Kardex vertical storage lifts



SAP interface

LOGIA is fully integrated with MAN’s SAP system. The interface uses SAP’s IDoc’s and RFC interface and LOGIA’s standard interface for SAP.

The interface ensures that data must be registered only once, and the vertical storage lifts automatically retrieve the correct shelves in the order in which the items are to be picked for processing.

“We have, for many years, had a good and constructive cooperation with Logimatic. When we need support, which seldom happens, we just call our contact person, who can typically resolve things online and within a few hours. Six months ago, we upgraded our LOGIA solution, the interface to SAP, and switched to a new server. We were a little worried about the project, but fortunately our worries were put to shame. Everything was carefully planned and carried out,” Kai-Arne Jacobsen, Section Manager, MAN Energy Solutions, Frederikshavn.



MAN Energy Solutions

MAN Energy Solutions is the world’s leading designer, developer and supplier of large diesel engines for marine and power plants as well as auxiliary engines, turbochargers and propulsion packages. These are all high-tech products based on Danish know-how. The group has approximately 170 offices and service centers worldwide and employs approximately 14,000 people, primarily in Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, India, and China. MAN Energy Solutions is currently German-owned, but has its roots in the Danish engine factory B&W.



  • One management system for all vertical storage lifts – regardless of make
  • Only one interface to SAP
  • Flexibility in the choice of new machines
  • Online up-to-date inventory
  • Fewer administrative routines
  • Minimum storage costs

Read more about Man Energy Solutions.



One solution controls 14 vertical storage lifts distributed among 4 different makes

SAP interface

MAN Energy Solutions


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