Globus Wine continue growing and insources the warehouse


Globus Wine insources its warehouse and collects everything under one roof to support the company’s growth. LOGIA will manage the newly built warehouse and production logistics.

Globus Wine is a major player in Denmark´s wine market. The company imports wine from all over the world, bottles it partly in bottles and in BIB (bag in box), which is the most sustainable sales unit, and subsequently distributes the products to customers throughout Europe. 

In 2019, Globus Wine built a new headquarters in Køge of 11,000 m2. To optimize the logistics, the company is now expanding with a 6,300 m2 warehouse, which will accommodate around 20,000 pallets of finished wine, corresponding to 14 million liters of wine. 

The warehouse consists of raw material storage areas, a new narrow-aisle warehouse with finished goods and a shipping area with flow-through racks. The production also has a kanban warehouse with the most frequently used raw materials. LOGIA will manage all warehouse areas as well as the logistics to and from production, including picking of raw materials for the production lines, replenishment of the production’s kanban warehouse and the flow of the finished goods from the production. 

They produce both for orders and stock. The warehouse and production logistics are fully integrated and optimized for outgoing customer orders. This means that finished goods for customer orders can be guided directly from production to the flow-through racks in shipment, where they are distributed and ranked by order. Goods produced for storage are guided to the finished goods warehouse, where storage in the narrow-aisle warehouse is carried out by semi-automatic narrow-aisle trucks controlled by LOGIA. Overall, efficient outbound logistics are achieved from production with a minimum of internal steps and operations. 

The LOGIA solution is implemented with full integration to Globus Wine’s ERP system (Visma) and with interfaces for labelling systems and narrow aisle trucks. 

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