Groundbreaking warehouse setup at Billund Airport


LOGIA optimizes the flow of goods for the Taxfree shop at Billund Airport and ensures that travelers never encounter empty shelves in the store.

Billund Airport has in recent years experienced a large increase in the number of visitors, and in this connection, the airport has expanded with a new multipurpose house to increase capacity. The multi-house is equipped with two vertical storage lifts where all the Taxfree shop’s small goods are stored. The vertical storage lifts span 3 floors. On the ground floor, the goods are stored in the storage lifts, and on the second floor, where the airport’s Taxfree shop is located, the goods are picked directly from the storage lifts. 

The vertical storage lifts and the other parts of the tax-free warehouse are controlled by the WMS system LOGIA, which binds the warehouse and the store together. LOGIA is integrated with the airport’s ERP system, and when an item is purchased in the store, it is instantly registered in LOGIA. Store refill is automatically started from LOGIA before the items are sold out. This ensures that travelers never encounter empty shelves in the Taxfree shop. 

The new warehouse setup ensures that the capacity is utilized to the maximum. The efficiency of the work processes is increased, the internal transportation time decreases, and the height of the building is utilized with compact storage in the vertical storage lifts. This gives Billund Airport the best conditions to continue growing when travel conditions return to normal.

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