Hummel chooses LOGIA for new international distribution centre


The Danish sports brand hummel is building a 21.000 m2 new automated warehouse- and distribution centre with room for an expansion as twice as big in the future.

LOGIA is chosen as warehouse management platform for the entire warehouse. The new warehouse will be ready in the spring of 2022 when the company moves from the current manual warehouse.

The new warehouse will consist of a AutoStore system with 97.000 boxes and 100 BlackLine robots along with an extensive rail system, which inbound ensures correct handling of goods and sorting out to the relevant warehouse areas. On the outgoing flow, the rail system brings empty boxes to the picking operators, and after picking, it ensures that the boxes are brought to the relevant process areas as well as to the shipping area. Automation has been though down to the last detail, where it provides value e.g., for erecting of boxes, inserting delivery notes, closing boxes, and attaching shipping labels.

Additionally, the warehouse consists of warehouse areas for picking of parcel, refilling of the AutoStore-system and goods, that are not suited for the AutoStore-system. LOGIA will ensure that all areas and processes of the warehouse are combined in an optimal flow, thus the warehouse efficiently can deliver goods to both private individuals and businesses in 35 countries.

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