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In the manufacturing industry’s quest to create more resilient supply chains and become more agile in their deliveries, there is a growing need for digital solutions that strengthen all parts of the manufacturing chain. Roima provides solutions that support production processes, warehouse management systems and B2B e-commerce platforms, among others, with the standing ambition to create sustainable success and profitability for its customers.

Roima was founded in Finland in 2014 and, through acquired entities, has roots as far back as the 1970s. Today, Roima operates in five countries with more than 400 employees serving over 500 customers. In Sweden, the company is represented by Roima Sverige AB in Västerås and Part Trap AB based in Gothenburg. We meet Robert Majanen, CEO of Roima Sverige AB, who explains that the company provides digital solutions for different parts of the manufacturing and logistics industry.

–  We offer solutions that promote different processes in the manufacturing chain. This includes a significant portfolio of proprietary products, including software solutions and products that support production processes, warehouse management systems, and B2B e-commerce platforms. We also offer ERP systems for medium-sized manufacturing companies and planning systems for medium-sized and large manufacturing companies, Robert explains.

He further explains that Roima targets various sectors, including food, pharmaceuticals, steel manufacturing, and even nuclear fuel manufacturing, and that he sees a growing need for the solutions that Roima represents.

–  I see many companies striving to make their supply chain more resilient, not least in light of what is happening in the world. Companies must be able to become more resilient and agile in their deliveries, and that is where we create great value for them.


Robert Majanen, COO Roima Intelligence Inc., CEO Roima Sverige AB

Growing and developing

A central part of Roima’s success is, according to Robert Majanen, the strong entrepreneurial spirit that prevails in the company.

–  We want to grow, develop and create success for our customers, and we do this with great passion for our products, says Robert, whose work largely involves acquisitions and integration of the acquired companies.

Over the years, the company has grown both organically and through acquisitions of other companies within the Roima Group. Robert himself started what is today Roima Sverige AB, which was acquired by Roima in 2018.

–  It has been both rewarding and instructive to be part of a journey where we have become integrated and part of something bigger, not least considering that we are now incorporating even more businesses into the company.

Robert notes that the company is experiencing strong growth and that acquisitions are a key part of its growth strategy.

–  We have the whole process in place, with a systematic evaluation of how different companies fit into our offering and culture, and a systematic process for carrying out transactions and integrations. The acquisitions we have made have created an awareness of what is important in acquisitions and mergers. These are people we work with, and it is important that everyone feels that they have ended up in good company and in a company where they can accelerate their own growth, emphasizes Robert Majanen.

Growth journey

Robert can conclude that Roima Sweden has had a breathtaking growth journey that is still ongoing.

– Even though we have grown rapidly, I think we have managed to maintain the culture that we at Roima represent and are proud of, and which existed even before we were acquired. Our strong growth has not only been about growing in size, it is, after all, about creating profitability. The employees are the key to this success, Robert emphasizes.

He concludes by saying that the goal is to double the turnover within a few years, but that one of the major challenges in this work is to find the right employees.

Source material: Kommun & Näringsliv nr 6 2023.
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