New warehouse technology ensures efficient logistics at the new Stavanger University Hospital


Construction for the new Stavanger University Hospital in Norway is in full swing. The hospital will use new warehouse technology to achieve the most efficient internal logistics, and LOGIA has been chosen as warehouse management platform.

The LOGIA warehouse management system will manage four HospiMats for the storage of hospital beds and equipment and six EffiMats® for storing sterile and non-sterile consumables at the new university hospital in Stavanger. This will ensure uncomplicated and time-saving internal transport at the hospital.

A HospiMat is a storage lift that enables vertical and compact storing of hospital beds. The vertical storage solution can be accessed from multiple floors. An EffiMat is a vertical storage robot that allows for compact storage of small goods and quick and efficient delivery through innovative control.

The four HospiMats will span the hospital’s nine floors vertically and will store both clean and used beds. On each floor, there will be an opening from which staff can have different types of beds delivered and return used beds for cleaning. Bed delivery and collection are ordered directly in LOGIA, which has full control and traceability over the various beds in the HospiMat. There will always be clean beds available and used beds will automatically be sent to the cleaning station on the hospital’s lower floor.

Staff order the delivery and collection of beds on a screen placed at each opening to the HospiMats. On the screen, the staff is guided by LOGIA’s simple and intuitive user interface. The aim is to make the hospital bed logistics faster and easier to save staff internal transport time and improve availability. 

Supplies for the hospital’s wards will be stored in the six EffiMats, which will also span the hospital’s nine floors. Items can be picked on each floor and then stored locally in individual wards. LOGIA guides the staff and ensures that items with special requirements, such as sterile equipment, are handled and stored correctly. The EffiMats are replenished directly from the central goods reception area on the lower floor of the hospital. 

The hospital’s warehouse setup ensures efficient internal logistics, freeing up staff and allowing more time for patient care. The first phase of construction will be completed in autumn 2024, and we look forward to being part of this innovative project in which warehouse technology contributes to keeping people in focus. 



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