The new Hotel Scandic Spectrum takes advantage of warehouse technology


LOGIA will control two automated vertical storage lifts for storing and transportation of bed linen, at the new Hotel Scandic Spectrum. The machines will save space on the hotel floors, which will instead be used for 10 extra rooms.

The construction of the new Hotel Scandic Spectrum in Copenhagen will soon be completed. The automotive solution, which is delivered by EffiMat, will be placed in two shafts in the hotel building to ensure accessibility from all floors. The machines create compact storing and transportation of bed linen, cleaning supplies and more. 

The purpose of the solution is to save space on the floors and improve logistics for the staff when cleaning the 632 hotel rooms. The compact and dynamic storing makes it possible to remove the typical storage room on all floors and enables the space to be utilized for 10 extra rooms. 

On each floor, there will be an opening to the machines from where the staff will have carts delivered with clean bed linen and empty carts for the used bed linen. With every opening, a screen will be placed from where LOGIA can be accessed to order more bed linen etc. or collection of excess and unclean articles. 

The machines will be refilled with clean bed linen and emptied for the unclean, in the hospital’s basement floor, and LOGIA has full control over the traceability of all clean and unclean articles in the machines. 

The automatic towers are already built into the hotel building. LOGIA goes into operation with full control of all automatic storage units in May, when Scandic Spectrum opens its doors for guests. 

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