HiFi Klubben switches to specialized WMS

HiFi Klubben is Europe’s largest specialty chain in high-quality audio, TVs, and speakers. Its central warehouse supplies 95 physical HiFi stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands, as well as online stores in each of the 5 countries. The warehouse also provides Argon Audio products to retailers in 7 countries and to Argon Audio’s online store serving nearly 30 countries.

Thus far, HiFi Klubben has used its proprietary WMS solution in Dynamics NAV. However, it is looking to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The wish to streamline warehouse processes and the need to be more agile with regards to expected sales channel changes led to the decision to switch to the specialized WMS solution LOGIA. 

Lars Madsen, Warehouse and Logistics Manager of HiFi Klubben, says: 

“HiFi Klubben, and by implication the distribution center, is seeing the progression towards more online sales and, hence, many more packages shipped individually to customers. During 2019, we visited several warehouses and had meetings with a handful of WMS solution suppliers. We decided on LOGIA because the system strongly supports the processes associated with handling products in large boxes and the structure we work within. LOGIA’s intuitive screens function well on the trucks’ touchscreen/Surface PC, and the LOGIA program structure, with a base continuously developed to the benefit of customers, seems sensible.“ 


Standard functionality 

LOGIA’s standard functionality met most of HiFi Klubben’s warehouse management needs. Some functionality developed in connection with the project has become part of LOGIA’s standard functionality. The advantage of a standard solution is that it can be easily upgraded and expanded as needed. 

The entire warehouse will be managed by LOGIA, and all processes from item receipt to shipping are optimized. Order picks, internal transport, and space utilization are also optimized. LOGIA ensures high quality in these processes and removes all unnecessary handling, time spent, and registrations. Stores and online customers have access to current and real-time information about inventory and order status. 


Route management functionality 

HiFi Klubben’s solution also includes LOGIA’s newly developed distribution route management. This means order starts are prioritized based on cut-off times and when they should be loaded and shipped to each route. LOGIA automatically calculates freight forecasts for carriers so they know the volume of goods to be shipped. Individual shipments are controlled via integrated transport administration and Consignor. 

“The LOGIA team has delivered an excellent configuration for the tasks we currently have and, at the same time, has inspired a lot of process development and efficiency. We look forward to becoming even more competitive and giving customers a fantastic sound experience,” says Lars Madsen, Warehouse and Logistics Manager. 

HiFi Klubben will operate with the LOGIA solution as of today. The ERP system upgrade will be completed in a subsequent phase. 

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