HiFi Klubben’s results with LOGIA Warehouse Management System

HiFi Klubben experiences great results with LOGIA’s Single Line, route management, and counting functionalities.

HiFi Klubben’s warehouse carries out both orders to stores and webshop. On the webshop, many single piece orders are received, and therefore, Single Line has resulted in big savings in the warehouse. All single piece orders are collected in one picking session, and therefore, the warehouse has increased the number of daily sent packages which has a significant value on busy days like Black Friday. “We have increased the number of daily shipped packages from 1.500 to a total of 4.500 packages” says Heine Frandsen, warehouse manager at HiFi Klubben.

LOGIA’s route management assists the warehouse every day when goods are sent to one of HiFi Klubben’s many stores. Among other things, the system automatically notifies all carriers about the extent of the shipment, so they know the necessary amount of space that is needed on the individual cars.

HiFi Klubben also experiences benefits with LOGIA’s simple functionalities for stocktaking. Prior, the warehouse has been closed for two days when performing the yearly stocktakings. With LOGIA, the inventory is counted continuously, which means that the inventory is always consistent and closing days are avoided.

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