Roima Provides Newsec with an Electronic eProcurement System


Roima's SaaS-based solution guarantees Newsec a reliable, expandable, and integrated procurement solution for years to come.

Roima Intelligence and Newsec, a full-service property house in Northern Europe, have signed an agreement on the delivery of an electronic procurement system. The cloud-based system delivery project was launched at the beginning of 2022. Newsec was looking for a solution that would enable the company to digitalize its procurement processes and, at the same time, drive stability and benefits of automation. Newsec selected Roima’s e-procurement solution, as it provides Newsec’s business-critical tools as ready features. Furthermore, Roima’s system and industry expertise supports Newsec’s own capabilities well.


“We have grown into a big player, and our volumes in procurement have already reached such level that we need tools to handle them. Reporting and automation were clear development areas for us, which we tackled first. Roima’s flexible and adaptable solution was the best choice for our company.”

– Jari Malmberg, Procurement Manager at Newsec


Roima’s e-procurement solution is delivered flexibly as a cloud-based SaaS solution. For Newsec, the solution guarantees the capabilities for process integration and rapid development, as well as the possibility to expand the service-based use as needed.


“The system supplier has to understand our integration needs and the challenging nature of our industry in the area of procurement. In particular, Roima’s capabilities and understanding in these areas, as well as their flexibility and understanding of our other systems and needs, were a decisive factor in the selection process.”

 – Jari Malmberg, Procurement Manager at Newsec


“Newsec is a great new partner for us, and our solution will certainly be a reliable tool for them for years to come.”

– Hannu Ojasalo, Roima’s Account Director for procurement system customers


Roima already has several customers using the electronic procurement system, both in the public sector and in the real estate sector.

Newsec – the Full Service Property House

Newsec – the Full Service Property House in Northern Europe – offers real estate owners, investors and tenants a full range of services within the areas of Property Asset Management and Advisory. Newsec was founded in 1994 and is today a partner-owned company with some 2 400 co-workers in seven markets. Newsec has approx. EUR 68 billion under management and annually signs lease agreements of some 1,5 million square meters, manages transactions of some EUR 3 billion and does real estate valuations of underlying property worth EUR 265 billion.”


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