AVEVA recognizes Roima’s Richard Köhlerstrand for outstanding technical leadership


Roima Intelligence Inc. celebrates the exceptional achievements of Richard Köhlerstrand, Business Line Manager at Roima, who has been honored as AVEVA’s Hero of the Month for April 2024. Richard, a critical asset to Roima, has shown exceptional technical expertise and innovation in implementing AVEVA solutions.

As the leading AVEVA Endorsed System Integrator in Sweden and Finland, Roima has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in industrial automation. Richard’s role has been pivotal in advancing our capabilities and ensuring that our projects set benchmarks in quality and innovation.

A commitment to excellence

Richard’s dedication to his craft and ability to lead complex projects have garnered respect both within and outside Roima. ”Richard’s work has directly impacted our success, helping us stay ahead in a highly competitive market,” says Johan Bäckman, Business Development Director, Roima. ”His ability to solve challenging problems and mentor others in the team showcases the true spirit of leadership and technical mastery.”

An asset to the AVEVA community

The Hero of the Month award by AVEVA recognizes individual brilliance and celebrates collaborative efforts in the HMI/SCADA technical community. Richard has actively contributed to various forums, workshops, and tailor-made AVEVA trainings, sharing his knowledge and learning from peers. This community engagement has fostered a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Looking forward

With this recognition, Richard is more motivated than ever to drive innovation at Roima. He is currently leading key projects integrating next-generation technologies within traditional industries. ”This award is a great token of appreciation, but the journey doesn’t end here,” says Richard. ”There are exciting challenges ahead. I look forward to seeing more people engage in the new community AVEVA facilitates, mixing product experts, experienced integrators, and those new to the AVEVA portfolio.”

Join the community

Watch the video interview here to learn more about Richard’s work and impact on the AVEVA community. Additionally, Richard encourages technology enthusiasts and professionals to engage with the AVEVA ecosystem and join the vibrant AVEVA community. More information is available at AVEVA’s Heroes HQ.

Roima and its team, spearheaded by talents like Richard, continue to lead the way in implementing advanced industrial solutions, setting high standards for innovation and operational excellence in the industry.

Celebrate with us

Join us in congratulating Richard on his well-deserved recognition and celebrating his outstanding contributions to Roima’s success and the wider AVEVA community.

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