AVEVA industrial software

Tailored industrial software

Harness the power of data to kickstart your digital transformation!

Smart factory efficiency and industrial brilliance with AVEVA

Combine Roima Intelligence’s rich experience with AVEVA’s diverse, cutting-edge industrial software to take your industrial operations to the next level. Roima is the premier AVEVA-endorsed system integrator in Sweden and Finland.


Standardizes operations in real-time for optimal efficiency.

AVEVA Operations Control

HMI/SCADA software suite for industrial process visualization & control.


Data management system for real-time industrial data.

AVEVA Endorsed System Integrator – how and when?

Thanks to our leadership’s vision and the team’s hard work and determination, we became an AVEVA-endorsed system integrator in 2021.

How did we earn this privilege? Let’s find out.

  • Underwent a series of rigorous AVEVA tests
  • Impressive expertise in AVEVA and related technologies
  • Proven record of project implementations

Why choose Roima for AVEVA product implementation?

Working with an AVEVA Endorsed System Integrator has great benefits. These benefits are as follows.

Expertise and knowledge

Our expertise and knowledge make integrating and implementing solutions easy.

Quality control

Our implementation experts have undergone long hours of training to earn their place. Hence, our integrated solutions will meet established industry standards.

Subject matter experts

Our experts implement industry-specific solutions, resulting in customized offerings based on AVEVA's standard software.

Potent resource pool

We have access to a comprehensive resource pool that allows us to provide post-implementation and troubleshooting support.

Platform-based configuration

We harness the power of AVEVA’s standard platforms, expertly configuring them to align precisely with your unique requirements, ensuring your long-term business objectives are met and exceeded.


Want to know more about AVEVA?

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Country Sales Director, Sweden

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Country Sales Director, Finland

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